We look forward to meeting you. When you arrive in Zanzibar we will gladly pick you up from the harbour or the airport.

Jamilah Kabelele and team

We are so pleased to welcome you!

“After my studies in Hotel Management and several years of professional experience, I met my Swiss husband Markus in 2004. Over four years planning, we opened two restaurants for two NGO’s as training centres for young people in Mwanza. Our mutual interest in art led to a small art collection and close contacts and friendships with artists working in Tanzania. In order to allow our children the best school education possible we moved in 2008 to Switzerland.

My homesickness and Markus’ longing to travel turned an idea into reality. Our bridge between Switzerland and Tanzania is the Art Hotel Zanzibar, which was created in collaboration with local artists.

When I first started working in tourism I never dared dream of running my own hotel. That’s another reason why I am now so pleased to be doing this.”

Jamilah Kabelele