The deluxe rooms are situated in the main building around the tropical garden and the refreshing pool with a stunning sea view. Each room has been individually decorated by local artists and measures 20 square meters. All rooms are self contained with shower and toilet, a kettle for your afternoon tea and a safe box. A 12 square meter seating area is waiting for you to relax in. Ceiling ventilators cool the hot tropical nights for you. There are very few mosquitos in Mfumbwi because they don´t like the sea breeze. However, we provide mosquito nets if you would prefer to use them.

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«flowers and birds»

Mwatuka Mussa
The garden of the Art Hotel was the source of inspiration here. The artist’s imagination brings the palms, the birds, butterflies and flowers from outside indoors. The dominant pink and orange is reminiscent of the colours of the evening sky during the setting of the sun.

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«Animals in the water »


Farida Husseini
The themes are the sea and the importance of water for the animal world. The artist depicts colourful fishes, a contented hippopotamus and lively birds which all love the water. Every detail in the design demonstrates her practical experience with various techniques.

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«Luck and happiness»

Hendrick Lilanga
Happy figures, representing good spirits reflect the contented, relaxed and easy life of the hotel guests. And «the painter of the spirits» discovers that his Shetani fit perfectly into the village ghost chamber. This is directly opposite the Art Hotel.

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«Tanzania’s animal world»

Iddi Issa
Almost two metres tall, proud giraffes are eating and the small imaginary animal, desperately trying to munch a bunch of bananas is presumably a caricature of the frequent difficulties in finding food. The artist amply demonstrates his wide repertoire of painting techniques with the diversity of his pictures.

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