Activities and excursions, which focus on contact with the population and getting to know the local culture, are a speciality of the Art Hotel. Naturally you can also discover the beauty of the natural surroundings on our tours. For sporting activities or safaris we can recommend good local providers.

All excursions from the Art Hotel are organised for two people or more. Excursions for families and groups are available on request.


Zanzibarish cuisine

Did you know that Tanzanian men should never enter the kitchen? Or that by certain Tanzanian tribes the daughters-in-law may not eat together with their fathers-in-law? We are not so traditional. Everyone may help cook and prepare their own meal. The food is then eaten by hand, without cutlery. Discuss with us what you would like to eat, whether you would like to come with us to shop in the market or whether we should organise the ingredients. Experience the traditional art of cooking on the coal stove with a family from the village.

Duration without visiting the market: approx. 1,5 hours, price: CHF 30 per person.

Duration including market visit: approx. 4 hours, price: CHF 32 per person.


Go fishing

You accompany a fisherman from Mvumbwi out on the sea. He shows you what he does and you catch your evening meal. If you are not frightened of deep water, then it is also possible to go outside the reef and fish on the open sea.

Duration, depending on tides: approx. 3–4 hours, price: CHF 20 per person.

Bring: Bathing clothes and strong sun protection


Algae centre

Seaweeds are an important source of income for the women on the coast. They tend their crops daily and harvest the algae before the tide comes back in. By processing the algae into soap, body lotion and other natural products, the work of the women gain more status. The Seaweed Centre produces mainly cosmetic products. You can accompany the women from Mfumbwi as they harvest the seaweed and afterwards visit the Seaweed Centre or just do one or the other.

Duration: 1,5 hours, cost: CHF 25 per person

Bring: Bathing shoes



You have to have seen the colourful bustle of a market. We are happy to accompany you to Paje or Makunduchi, two small markets near to the Art Hotel, or to the large market in Mwana Kwerekwe near Stone Town.

Visit to a small market: 1–2 hours, cost: CHF 15 per person

Visit to a large market: 3–4 hours, cost: CHF 50 per person

Bring: cash for your purchases


Dhow trip

You will be collected from the Art Hotel, help hoist the sail and off we go. The boat glides through crystal clear water, you see tropical fish and star fish and you’ll have the time to just enjoy the sailing trip, chill out and dream.

Duration depending on tides: approx. 3–4 hours, price: CHF 15 per person

Bring: Bathing clothes and strong sun protection



The boat will take you out and going snorkelling, you can experience the fascinating underwater world at close quarters. The equipement for your underwater adventure will be provided.

Duration depending on tides: approx. 3–4 hours, price: CHF 35 per person (snorkeling-equipment will be provided)

Bring: Bathing clothes and strong sun protection



In the south east of Zanzibar there are three caves Kuumbi, Machaga and Mwanambambe. These sandstone caves are prehistoric sites and are still visited by the people from the villages nearby for spiritual rituals. To visit the caves you should reserve half a day. Kuumbi can be easily reached by bicycle. To go to the other caves take a taxi.

Duration: approx. 3 to 4 hours, cost: CHF 20 per person

Included in the price: Rented cycle, taxi, entrance charge, guide, alcohol free drinks

Bring: strong shoes with profiled non-slip soles


Jozani National Park

Only 20 minutes away from the Art Hotel, you can enter the Jozani National Park, the last tropical forest on Zanzibar. The park is more than 5000 hectares large and extends right to the coast. It contains several quite different living environments: Rain forest, salt marsh, grass land, mangroves and bush land. In the rain forest you can observe the red colobus monkeys who swing from branch to branch, enjoy the twittering of the different bird species and admire the diversity of the plants growing there. The Park Management works closely with the neighbouring municipalities and a part of the entry charge goes to them.

Duration: approx. 3 hours, cost: CHF 35 per person

Included in the price: Return journey by taxi, guide, entrance charge, alcohol free drinks

Bring: strong shoes


Prison island

After an hour’s drive through the villages a round 20 minute boat trip brings you to the Prison Island. The island is privately owned by an English man and lies on the open sea in front of Stone Town. You can examine the outside walls of the prison, feed the giant turtles and swim in the crystal clear water and snorkel.

Duration: Day trip (departure early morning, return in the evening), price: CHF 70 per person

Included in the price: Return trip by taxi, boat trip, guide, entrance fee, snorkel equipment, snacks and alcohol free drinks

Bring: Bathing clothes


Herb plantation

The trade with spices has a long tradition on Zanzibar which reaches back to the 16th century. Today we use pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and vanilla quite naturally when cooking and baking. But where do these spices come from and how do the plants look? This tour will give you an appetite. So following your visit to the plantation, look forward to a Swahili lunch.

Duration: approx. 4–5 hours, price: CHF 60 per person

Included in the price are: Taxi, entrance charge, guide, lunch

Bring: good shoes; Cash, in case you wish to buy some spices


Dolphin safari

Kizimkazi in the south of Zanzibar is far away from the tourist routes. The journey from the Art Hotel is short, and so you are correspondingly quickly on the boat and on your way out to sea. The best time to see the dolphins is early in the morning. As when the water warms up in the course of the day, they dive down to the cooler water of the ocean.

Duration: approx. 4–5 hours, price: CHF 50 per person

Included in the price are: Taxi ride, boat trip with our guide

Bring: Bathing clothes and strong sun protection


Stone Town

The name sounds a little unpromising but nevertheless Stone Town is the cultural heart of Zanzibar and since 2000 also a Unesco World Heritage site. Your travel guide accompanies you around the city with short items of information from its history. You go past numerous historic sites, see the House of Wonders, the Arabian Fort and the historic Slave Market. When walking through the old part of town you will be astonished by the variety of carved doors and arches. Of course you can also visit Stone Town on your own and discover for yourselves the wonderfully beautiful alleyways of the old city.

Restaurant tip: The Serena Hotel offers once a week an exceptional fish menu on the terrace. We will gladly reserve a table for you there.

Duration: Day trip; prices: CHF 50 per person (Return trip) or CHF 75 per person (with guided tour of the city)

To bring: good shoes; cash, in case you want to buy souvenirs



The fabulously colourful coral reef in front of Zanzibar is full of life. The Easy Blue Divers will show you the most beautiful spots and offer PADI courses for beginners and advanced divers.


Kite surfing and SUP

The kiting season begins in winter in the middle of December and lasts until the middle of March. In the summer you can surf on boards from the middle of June until October. Who ever arrives with their own equipment will find excellent conditions on the beach directly opposite Art Hotel. Just in front of the Art Hotel, the Mawimbi Kite School run a kite centre and offer courses for beginners and advanced kite surfers. There you can also hire SUP-material.

Mawimbi Kite School on FacebookMawimbi Kite School on TripAdvisor



For an unforgettable safari you need specialists. Afri Roots is our local partner. The philosophy of Afri Roots suits our attitude entirely. Afro Roots is not simply an adventure company but lays emphasis on the proximity of nature und meeting the people. We are happy to take care of any offer for your own quite individual safari or you reserve this directly by Afri Roots.